Working with links in documents

Adding links to your documents makes them more dynamic and gives your team more options not only for navigating between documents but also for accessing additional information elsewhere. Links are easy to add to a document.

IT Glue has two kinds of links you can create, and it’s important to know the difference:

  • URL-type links — These links let the reader jump from your document to a place on the web. You start off by highlighting the text that you want to turn into a link. Doing this opens a context menu with an option for inserting a link by typing or pasting the website URL.

  • @relate links — These are links that let the reader jump from your document to another place in IT Glue. You don’t have to copy and paste URLs. Just type the @ symbol anywhere in your text, and then type a document title or asset name. You’ll instantly get a drop-down list of choices. Select the document or asset you want to link to. This saves you a few steps when adding links. It's also handy that when @relating a document or asset, a new Related Items entry is created at the same time.

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