Adding groups / group members

This article is for anyone who wants to create groups in their IT Glue account. Groups let you easily manage your users' access levels in your account. If you use GlueConnect, groups will also help you manage your delegate account's access level. Creating groups for Tech, Clients, and Senior Tech is a good place to start.



  1. From Account > Groups, click on +New.


  2. From the Create Group screen, enter the group's name and a description.


  3. In the Members section (lower left), search for a user you want to add to the group, select them from the list, and then press enter. Repeat this step for each user that you want to add.

    Note: Managers will be a member of any group they create. Administrator accounts have access to all data, so they don't need to be added again.


  4. Click Save when you're done.

After that's done, the new group appears on the Account > Groups screen. Note that managers will only see groups that they are a member of.

Groups display on the Account > Groups page


Mapping organizations to groups

You also have the ability to map organizations to groups. By doing so, a new user account can be assigned to a group to give access to all organizations in that group. This will be in addition to any individual organizational accesses that are given to that user. Mapping organizations to groups is often the best way to organize large teams.

  1. Go back to the Account > Groups screen and edit one of your groups (or create a new group if needed).


  2. In the Organization Access section (lower right), search for the organization you want to add, select it from the list, and then press enter. Repeat this step for each organization that you want to add.


  3. Click Save when you're done.

After you click Save, the group members will have immediate access to the organizations defined by that group.

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