Reports: Passwords accessed and at risk

Recently, we shipped a powerful security feature to further protect your client password data. In response to a growing number of requests from our customers, we enhanced our password management features to include a report that lists all passwords that a specified user has accessed in IT Glue since the beginning of their account. The following password actions will be reported on:

  • Password shown
  • Password created
  • Password updated
  • Password imported*
  • Password exported*

We also added functionality for showing you which passwords have been accessed. In your account's activity log, you'll now see entries for any passwords that are imported or exported and then downloaded.* These passwords are categorized as "password accessed" by the user in the activity log. Note: You can also hide these events in case this results in hundreds of activity log entries.

* Imported or exported and downloaded on or after March 11, 2017 only.

For more information, see Viewing the passwords accessed and at risk report.

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