New feature for restoring accidentally deleted items

After hearing numerous reports where something was accidentally deleted, we set out to improve the way in which you can recover your deleted information. Administrators can now restore deleted items from the activity logs.

What's changed?

  • Your activity logs will have a recover_icon.png (restore icon) for certain deleted entries that when clicked will restore that item.
  • Both core and flexible assets can be restored. If there are embedded passwords, attachments, related items, and security permissions associated with the asset when it was deleted, these will all be restored at the same time. The revision history is restored as well.
  • The following can also be restored: organizations, document folders, and flexible asset templates.
Important. Bulk actions that are performed from the Manage Data screen are not reflected in the activity logs. Anything you delete from the Manage Data screen is still a hard delete and not recoverable.

For more information, see How do I restore an item deleted by accident?

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