Introducing folder security

We recently rolled out improvements to document folders to help you better organize information and manage how freely information flows across your organization.

You now have the ability to set restrictions on document folders. This gives you greater ability to share the work of a department or team with a smaller group of users.

What’s changing?

This feature adds functionality to existing folders, but all current document security restrictions have been retained.

Here are the changes:

  • Security restrictions can be added to a folder to create a "locked folder". This lets you protect your content in folders and assign access to users and groups.
  • Folder security will cascade down from the top-level folder to documents and subfolders unless you (the user modifying security) do not have access to more heavily restricted documents and subfolders. Of the ones you can access, folder security will be combined with any existing document or subfolder security restrictions.

You can streamline how users are added to and removed from folders using groups. Note: Administrators will continue to have access to all folders and documents.

For more information, see Adding and removing folder security.

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