Getting started with MyGlue

MyGlue is a password management and collaboration solution designed for clients of IT services companies and tightly integrated with IT Glue. MyGlue can also be extended toward process management to combine teams, passwords, and documentation in one seamless experience.


To deploy MyGlue, you configure new MyGlue accounts and then provision groups and users to those accounts. If you currently have clients who use IT Glue, the steps for creating and managing users will look very similar.

To access their account, invited users will accept the invite and go to the MyGlue login screen ( or to sign in. 

Initially, each MyGlue account will be a blank slate. This approach allows you to quickly deploy MyGlue without inadvertently giving MyGlue users access to sensitive information. You can share your IT Glue information with MyGlue users as needs arise.

Have a client stakeholder who uses your IT Glue documentation? A MyGlue group setting allows you to grant access to "unrestricted" IT Glue assets by MyGlue group. See MyGlue user roles, groups, and permissions for more information. 

Note that IT Glue authentication settings have no effect on MyGlue, so there is nothing to reconfigure in IT Glue if you currently use our SSO and MFA features.


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