Announcing new notifications UI and filtering

We have had a lot of great feedback about the notifications feature we launched last year, including a number of suggestions for improvement.

We're very happy to announce a completely new look for the notifications interface. As we continue to add new features, it's vital that we improve the user experience so that IT Glue is easy to use. 

The redesign of the interface coincided with an update to incorporate notification filters. The ability to add filters means you can now create more granular notifications. 

What's changing

There are three very exciting changes for the notifications feature that come with this update.

  • Changes in the user experience - The notification feature has a completely redesigned interface to make it easier to use. Everything has been redesigned from scratch.


  • New functionality - In addition to the redesigned interface, you now have the option of using filters. 

    There's a huge number of options to configure, including the option to configure notifications for specific documents or specific flexible asset types. This gives you more power to create defined workflows based on specific changes in your IT Glue data.


  • Functionality changes - The other changes worth noting are around expiration-based notifications. We changed the functionality so that you now automatically get notified when things are added to your account that are within the lead time you set, not just at the lead time. That means your team will always get notified when something is approaching its expiration.

    In addition, you'll have control over whether to notify about already expired assets. When the already expired option is turned off, if you set your lead time to 60 days, and then someone on your team adds an asset that expires in 30 days days and one that has already expired, only the asset that expires in 30 days will be notified on. 

For help using the new interface and functionality, check out Quick guide for workflows (notifications)

As always, our team is excited to hear what you are doing with notifications. Feel free to visit our community to have more interactions with us and other partners. We’d love to see you there!

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