Six things to do on your first day in IT Glue

New to IT Glue? We're happy to have you. If you are wondering how to get started, the tips below will help.

1. Sign in to your account

You should have already received an invitation email prompting you to activate your user account. Your password won't be created until you access the link in the email and set your password.

Your IT Glue subdomain, email, and password are all you need to get started. Go to the sign-in screen for your account ( and enter your credentials to sign in.


Did you forget your password? You can try sending a password reset to your email. If we have an active user account for your email address, you will receive an email with your reset instructions.

2. Customize your profile

Click on your name in the top-right corner of any screen, and then select Edit Profile to make your profile changes.

A profile picture is an easy first step to help make sure that your teammates can always identify you in activity feeds that are found throughout your account.

While you're on this screen, make sure your time zone is correct, so that any actions that you perform on the site will display the correct time.


3. Enable MFA on your account

We highly recommend that you enable the multi-factor authentication (MFA) setting on your user account. MFA makes it much harder for someone to illicitly access your account, because they would need access to your phone first. To learn how to set up MFA, see Using multi-factor authentication.

4. Add a new password

Open an organization, click on the + Quick Add button and choose Passwords. IT Glue will take you to the Create Password screen. From there, you just need to fill in the blanks. Usually, the Description, Username, Password, and URL fields are necessary. Click Save.


We suggest giving your new password a descriptive title that adheres to your company's naming conventions. This doesn't necessarily need to be the name of an application (e.g. "Active Directory"). Rather, the description is the title that will be used within your account to represent the credentials. For example, instead of "Active Directory," you might enter a more descriptive name like "Domain admin access to Active Directory domain controller."

5. Search for your password

Where IT Glue really shines is with its search capabilities. IT Glue gives your team one place to centralize all of your information, making it much faster to search for and find what you need. You can locate a search bar at the top right of your screen. IT Glue search works across all assets.

You have a variety of searching options:

  • Search globally
  • Search within an organization
  • Search with the Password filter on

For more information, see Search and Search Filters.

6. Download our browser extension

Check out our Quick guide for the IT Glue Chrome Extension for instructions. With IT Glue in your browser, you'll always have a way to get to your IT Glue passwords. With the extension, all your passwords are coming right from your IT Glue account. So when you create a password in IT Glue, it's available immediately in the extension — no syncing and no waiting.

That’s it! You graduated!

Welcome to IT Glue!

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