Copying and moving documents between organizations

You can take many actions from the folder listing screen, including copying and moving documents between organizations.

Copying can save time creating new documents as you onboard new clients. For example, you can create a new document by copying a version of the document from a model client. You can even create a set of templates that you use over and over by copying them. This is particularly helpful for building professional looking, standardized documents. See Standardizing your new hire procedures for more on this.

Copying a document

Find the document you want to move, right-click on it, and choose Copy to… from the right-click context menu.


You can copy the document to another organization, or duplicate it in the same organization. Select the organization you want, and then click the Copy button.

The following are not copied: attachments, related items, and embedded passwords. Only the document itself will be copied.

Moving a document

Pretty much the same deal as copying! Find the document you want to move, right-click on it, and choose Move to… from the context menu.


Choose the organization to which the document belongs, and then click the Move button.

Copying or moving multiple documents

To copy or move multiple documents, simply select the checkboxes next to the documents and then choose an action from the Actions drop-down: 


From there it's the same steps to copy or move multiple documents as it is to copy or move a single document.

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