New flexible asset endpoints in the IT Glue API

We are excited to announce that we now support flexible asset endpoints in the IT Glue API. With this update, we're equipping developers with some new tools to create automations with our API.

What's changing?

You can now use the IT Glue API to perform a variety of tasks for managing flexible asset data. You can submit GET and POST requests to send and receive JSON objects containing your flexible asset data.

We've summarized below the flexible asset tasks you can perform via the API:

  • View all flexible asset types.
  • View a single flexible asset type.
  • View all flexible assets (records) of a given type for a specified organization.
  • View a single flexible asset.
  • Create a new flexible asset.

This increases the number of tasks you can complete using the API. Previously, you may have been doing a CSV import to handle some tasks.

From a developer perspective, this is amazing because of the immense opportunities for automation.

For more information about the new endpoints, see the developer documentation. Our documentation is organized by endpoint.

We also have a quick start guide to walk you through the process of creating "hello world" code using the new endpoints.

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