Improved Autotask integration functionality

In our ongoing quest to improve sync functionality, we now support excluding certain organizations from Autotask syncs using classification-based filtering. We've had numerous reports from partners related to the need to filter out clients that they don't have an ongoing managed services agreement with and therefore don't have any interest in documenting. This new functionality lets these partners be very granular about the clients they sync with IT Glue.

What's changing?

As you can see from the image below, you can now choose which Autotask Accounts to sync based on Classification Types.

In Autotask, you can categorize clients based on types (client, vendor, prospect, etc.), statuses (active, inactive), and classifications. Classifications let you specify if clients are T&M, Block Hour, AYCE, or any other way you might want to segment clients.


If you have already integrated with Autotask and want to use this new functionality you will need to edit your sync settings:

  1. From IT Glue, click Account > Integrations.
  2. Click Sync Settings from the Autotask Actions drop down.
  3. Edit the checkboxes in the Classifications column to disallow sync for any and all organizations under a specific classification criteria.
  4. Click Save.

After the next full sync, IT Glue will orphan the relevant organizations, so you would be left with a decision of what to do with these organizations at that point. Before deleting anything, you might want to export the data in case there is anything that you want to refer back to.

To delete the orphaned organizations, take a look at our Deleting data from your account article. The above steps must be done before syncing organizations can be deleted from IT Glue.

New to IT Glue? Make sure you read Integrating with Autotask for help setting up the integration from scratch.

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