Improved list views and Organizations overview

Recently, we started rolling out improvements to give you better designed list views for core assets (configurations, contacts, locations, passwords, etc.). This update includes personalization features, live search capability, and new sorting and filtering options. It also adds infinite scrolling functionality, which means all you do is scroll down and more results are loaded automatically. 

We also improved the design and functionality of the Organizations overview screen. There is now a list view here to give you a bird’s eye view of information about all your organizations.

You can expect to see more improvements to list views across your account so that you can get more done with fewer clicks.

What's changing?

We're rolling out changes to all accounts over the next week. If you're a regular user, you'll notice the following changes:

Improved Organizations overview screen

The Organization Screen lets you not only see your favorite organizations, you can also see your most recently visited organizations:


With these changes, you can see important details that were previously out of view. For example, you no longer have to click into each organization to see the alerts. You also get all the enhanced list view features described below.

Customizing of list views 

When viewing an enhanced list view, columns can be shown or hidden and their order changed by customizing the list view. Any changes you make will not affect how the list view appears to other users and will be kept until you clear your browser's cache.

To customize a list view, go to the list view and click the customize_columns.png (columns icon) on the far right of the screen. Each list view has some columns hidden by default. From this dialog, you can choose which columns to display and drag and drop the column names to set their order. 

List View Options dialog


Filtering search box

Filters are provided for each column to let you fine-tune the data that's displayed. To filter a list view, put your cursor in the filtering search box at the top of the screen. This immediately shows you a list of filters to choose from in a pop-over menu. Choose the field you want to filter on, and then the filter criteria. 


Alternatively, you can also enter the first few characters that match the name of the filter you want to use.


Add as many filters as you want. You can increase/decrease the number of results by combining multiple filters together. 

Searching within list views

You can also search from within a list view by entering your search terms in the filtering search box. Search updates the list as you type to return results that contain the search term.

Documents list view

In the new Documents list view, the location of the move, copy, delete, and folder security actions has changed. After selecting the checkboxes, you can click the arrow on the "Select All" button to access the various actions, as shown in the example below.


Browser support

The enhanced list views and Organizations overview screen do not render in Microsoft Internet Explorer. For recommendations on browser choice, please refer to Solving browser issues.

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