Announcing new export to PDF feature

We now have a new export to PDF feature—thanks to all the people who have asked us for this feature on our feature request portal. (Did we mention that our partners are the best. How did we get so lucky?!)

Starting today, you can now export information that you're currently viewing in IT Glue as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file for even easier sharing. So if you need to send a document to someone who needs a PDF copy, just open the document and export it to PDF. 

Exporting to PDF is especially useful when you want to provide a document that can be printed in addition to being viewed on screen. PDF documents store all text and images contained on the screen in a single file, which also makes it a useful medium for sharing content with those who work in locations where a network connection is not available. 

And that's not all! 

In addition to exporting documents, you can export configurations, passwords, contacts, and other assets as PDFs. Data-driven assets will export all information on the screen, including passwords which are unmasked in the PDF. Note: Exporting a document to PDF removes the logo and other elements on the screen (related items, embedded passwords, etc.), so that just the document fits the PDF.

To export to PDF in IT Glue, open the document or asset you want to export and click the PDF button in the top right part of the screen.


Thank you again to everyone who voted and asked for this feature.

Happy documenting!

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