Introducing quick search

Note: We recently added support for using quick search from any webpage after signing in to the Chrome Extension. For help on this, see Quick guide for the IT Glue Chrome Extension.

We are excited to announce that you have a new way to search that will help you make sure you are searching in the right places. 

While the most common way to jump to an asset or organization is to use the search bar at the top of every screen, quick search lets you use keyboard shortcuts to decide where and how broadly to search. You'll also get additional functionality and more search results to choose from than in the search bar. 

Launching quick search

From any screen, press the letter "Q" to launch quick search. You'll get relevant results as soon as you begin typing in your search terms. The maximum number of results is 50.

When you are in an organization, the search automatically defaults to the current organization. You can also quickly and easily toggle your search scope to see results for all organizations or the current organization using the "Alt + G" shortcut. 


More shortcuts!

You have a number of additional asset type shortcuts built into this feature, so that you can focus your results to search for fewer things. For example, press the letter "C" instead of the letter "Q" to launch a quick search for a configuration.

Press "Alt + /" at any time to see the full listing of the shortcuts available.


We hope you enjoy this new feature. With quick search, you will be able to hunt, identify, and jump to the exact result you want to find without ever having to remove your hands from the keyboard!

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