Importing a Monkey Box client into IT Glue

The article explains the steps for bringing in your Monkey Box client data into IT Glue.


  • Administrator level access to Monkey Box.
  • Manager or Administrator level access to IT Glue. If all went well during sign up, you will be able to navigate to and sign in to your IT Glue account. 
  • Before importing your data, we recommend downloading all of the flexible asset templates provided with your IT Glue account. See the Quick guide for flexible assets for help.


Exporting an organization 

The first step is to export your Monkey Box data. Follow the instructions below for each organization you want to import into IT Glue.

  1. From Monkey Box, navigate to the Clients admin area:

  2. Click View on the client you would like to export first.
  3. Click the Full export button (top right).


  4. Wait for the Download ZIP button to appear and then click on it. Each ZIP file contains CSV files for each asset type and all attachments.


  5. Repeat for each organization until all are exported.

Creating your organizations 

Before importing the data you exported, you'll need to create your organizations.

  1. Go to the Importing CSV data into your account article and download the organizations CSV template.
  2. Open the template and enter the organizations names exactly as you want them to appear in IT Glue.
  3. (Optional) You can enter additional details about each of your organizations now, instead of having to manually enter them later. Refer to our tips for importing CSV data topic for details.
  4. Save the CSV file and then open IT Glue, navigate to Account > Import Data, and import the file. 

After that's done, your organizations will be in IT Glue but without any data (devices, passwords, etc.).

Importing the exported Monkey Box data 

In this step, you actually import your Monkey Box data:

  1. Navigate to where you downloaded your Monkey Box data.
  2. Open one of the downloaded ZIP files containing one client's data. 
  3. Take a few minutes to “sanitize” each CSV.

    • Our tips for importing CSV data topic has details for each asset type.
    • Here is a a summary of where you'll want to import your data:

      • Configurations <—> Devices
      • Contacts <—> Contacts  
      • Domains <—> Domains
      • Passwords - General <—> Passwords 
      • Customized Applications flexible asset <—> Services

  4. Save your CSV files. 
  5. Import these into your account by following the instructions to import into a single organization.
  6. Repeat for each organization until all are imported.

Updating your data

Once you have all your CSV information imported, you can update it in IT Glue. Here are the most common areas you’ll want to update after importing your data:

  • Attachments
  • Related Items



  • All CSV files must be exported from your spreadsheet program using the Windows CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) option. The file must be encoded in UTF-8. For best results, follow the file saving instructions in Importing CSV data into your account.
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