Keyboard shortcuts

This article discusses the different keyboard shortcuts that you can use to help you work more efficiently.

Search IT Glue (global shortcut)

Press the / (forward slash) shortcut to put the focus on the search bar at the top of screen. You can immediately start typing in your search query. As you start typing search terms into the search bar, results begin to instantly appear below it. Pressing Esc hides the search results.

Show recently viewed items (global shortcut)

Use the . (period) shortcut to quickly open and close the recently viewed items menu. The shortcut opens a drop-down menu that shows you the last nine items you viewed. Click on an item or press the number that's displayed to the right of an item to be taken to one of the pages you want to revisit. 

Note that the above global shortcuts obviously will not work if the focus is on another field or when you are editing a document.

Document editor

There are also quite a few shortcuts that apply to the document editor. 

If you want to Then press
Bolding text Cmd/Ctrl + B
Copying (images, text)  Cmd/Ctrl + C
Italicizing text Cmd/Ctrl + I
Creating a link Cmd/Ctrl + L 
Saving Cmd/Ctrl + S
Pasting (images, text)  Cmd/Ctrl + V
Undoing an action  Cmd/Ctrl + Z 
Redoing action  Cmd/Ctrl + Y 

Deprecated shortcut: using Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste images as a new content block (Gallery) is no longer supported. In the document editor, Cmd/Ctrl + V is now used to paste inline images into Text or Step content blocks.

Navigate the screen

Use these common keyboard commands to navigate through interactive elements—links, buttons, fields for inputting text, etc. Note that some keystrokes may not work with every internet browser.

If you want to Then press
Move forward from link to link or to controls Tab
Move backward from link to link or to controls Shift + Tab
Activate a link or control Enter
Scroll down Spacebar

Other keyboard shortcuts

Here are some other common keyboard commands that may come in handy. Again, some keystrokes may not work with every internet browser.

If you want to Then press
Close the current tab Cmd/Ctrl + W
Switch tabs Ctrl + Tab
Go to tab 1-9 Cmd/Ctrl + 1-9
Refresh the screen  F5, Ctrl + F5, Cmd + R


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