IT Glue allows searching for organizations, passwords, etc. without having to leave what you're working on - just press 'Q'.  This article will explain the ins and outs of how to search in IT Glue - one of our core features!

Note: Global shortcuts mentioned below will not work while focus is on a data-entry field or while editing a document.

Button and keyboard shortcuts 

To invoke Search,  press 'Q' or '/', or click the Search button at the top of the browser window.

When in the Organizations list, Search will default to a global search (all organizations).

When in an organization, Search will default to the current organization, and you can press 'Option/Alt - G' to switch between global and organization search.

You can also launch Search for a specific asset type by pressing one of the keys below.

Action  Shortcut
Global Search Q
Configurations C
Contacts E
Documents D
Domains W
Flexible Assets F
Locations L
Organizations O
Passwords P
SSL Certificates S
Tickets T
Organization or Global Search /

Type the name of an asset (configuration, contact, password, etc.) or organization, and choose from the list of results.


Your favourite organizations will be displayed in the results automatically upon launching an organization search.

Search result asset preview

Using the IT Glue Search feature, you can now see a preview of documents, configurations, passwords, locations, contacts, and flexible assets directly from the quick search window, without having to navigate to the specific record. Previews are snapshots of results that pop up on the right side of the results, as shown below.


To use this feature, press a quick search shortcut (e.g. "Q") and search for one of the asset types listed above. Depending on where you hover your mouse, you can scroll each panel independently. In addition to previewing a result, you can also show or copy a password without having to click on it.

Additional Quick Search navigation

There are also quite a few shortcuts that apply to Search:

Action Shortcut

Navigate search results

Up/Down Arrows

Open the highlighted result in the current tab


Open the highlighted result in a new tab in the background (leave search open in the current tab)

Ctrl + Enter

Cmd + Enter

Open one result at a time in a new tab in the background (leave search open in the current tab)

Ctrl + Click

Cmd + Click

Cycle the search scope forward through the different asset types 

(Shift + Tab reverses direction)

Toggle the search scope between the current organization and all organizations

Alt + G

Option+ G

Display keyboard shortcuts

Alt + /

Option + /

Clear text in the search input/Exit current context



Search from any webpage

The IT Glue Chrome Extension enables searching IT Glue from any open webpage using the Q shortcut. For more information on how to set up the Chrome Extension, see Quick guide for the IT Glue Chrome Extension.

To see how to use Quick Search using the Chrome Extension, see Using IT Glue Quick Search for Chrome Extension.

Attachment Search

Attachments can now be searched by file name from Quick Search. Clicking on the attachment will open the document / asset it is attached to.

Show recently viewed items (global shortcut)

Use the '.'(period) shortcut to quickly open and close the recently viewed items menu. The shortcut opens a drop-down menu that shows you the last nine items you viewed. Click on an item or press the number that's displayed to the right of an item to be taken to one of the pages you want to revisit. 

 Filter for Flags Via Quick Search

You can filter for flagged documents without having to leave what you are working on. Simply launch our Quick Search and type in “Flag:” and then the flag type you’re looking for. To learn how to filter for flags, see our Flags article. 

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