Account sidebar

The Account sidebar appears to the left of the Settings screen. Use this sidebar to make other account changes, such as adding and deleting users and groups, changing billing details, and adding integrations.

  • Groups: Add and manage your groups. Administrators see all groups, but Managers only see the groups they belong to. For more information, see Adding groups / group members.
  • Notifications: Add and manage notifications. For more information, see Setting up notifications.
    Visible only to Administrators.
  • Activity Logs: View a list of activity from today back to the very beginning of your account. While Administrators see the full logs, Managers may see partial logs depending on whether they have access to all data in your account. For more information, see Activity logs overview.
  • Integrations: Add and modify your integrations, customize the specific information that you synchronize for your account, pause syncing, and delete data associated with your PSA.
  • Default Types: Add and manage the types and statuses that are used in drop-down fields throughout the app. For help with PSA types and statuses, see Adding and deleting types and statuses.
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