How do I merge duplicate organizations?

This article explains how to merge organizations, so that all items in a duplicate (source) organization are moved into a target organization and the source organization is deleted.

Note: If one of the organizations has only a small amount of items, you could also just copy everything to the target organization manually and then delete the source organization. See How do I copy data?


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue.
  • Determine which organization should be the target. It's usually better to choose the one that is syncing with your PSA tool. If they are both syncing, then you'll probably want to choose the one that is syncing assets (configurations, contacts, etc.) into your IT Glue account.
  • If you are merging with the primary organization (your company), make sure that the organization you picked as the target organization is the one set as the primary. You can check this setting from Account > Settings and then General > Primary Organization.


Disconnecting the source organization

Syncing organizations cannot be merged unless the source is disconnected. If both organizations have already synced with your PSA tool, you will need to follow the instructions below to disconnect the source organization but not delete its data.

  1. From IT Glue, open the source organization. Remember, the source organization is the one that will be deleted.
  2. Next, click the Edit button (top right) and change the organization to the Type (or Status) to one that is enabled for sync, but is not in use by any other organization.
    • If you're using Autotask or Tigerpaw, you will need to make this change from your PSA. After you make this change, start a manual sync to force your changes to IT Glue.
  3. Navigate to Account > Integrations, click on Actions and then Manage Data.

  4. From the Manage Data screen for your PSA, under Synced Organization Types, click Actions and then Disconnect on the row that matches the source organization's current type.

    Warning. Make sure the row you are disconnecting has only 1 record. Otherwise, you will disconnect them all. If you can't isolate the source organization from other organizations using the organization type, try an organization status under Synced Organization Statuses instead. You may have to repeat the steps above to edit the organization and change its status or type in order to isolate the organization.
    Make sure the organization type has synced with your PSA at least once. Otherwise, the row representing the type will not be shown. Note: To create a new type or status, see Adding and deleting types and statuses.
  5. From the Disconnect screen, select the second option that says "Permanently disconnect records from [PSA] but keep all data.".

Once you have disconnected the source organization (but kept its data in IT Glue), you can merge it with the syncing organization.

Merging two organizations

  1. Click Organizations from the top navigation bar.
  2. Find and open the disconnected source organization. If necessary, search for the organization.
  3. Click the Merge button (top right).

  4. Choose the target organization by typing the first few letters of its name.
  5. Click Merge.
    This action can't be undone. Make sure this is something you want to do.

After you merge two organizations, everything is moved from the source organization to the target organization and the source organization is deleted.



  • Each item moved by this process will retain its security permissions, related items, attachments, embedded passwords, revision history, and activity logs.
  • If any of your users had permission to access the source organization, but not the target, those users will now be allowed to access the target organization.
  • If there are any assets that were duplicated after merging the two organizations, you can compare and update the data by viewing and editing the different assets and then deleting the one that is not syncing.
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