Creating direct links from ConnectWise to IT Glue

This article describes how to create intelligent links to open up client information in IT Glue directly from ConnectWise. ConnectWise supports creation of links to IT Glue organizations using the company record ID as a dynamic parameter.

IT Glue is built using principles that ensure predictable or stable URLs, to make integrating with other applications easy. Every organization in IT Glue is associated with a base URL that can be added to ConnectWise. When this URL is added to ConnectWise, it activates links to the relevant resources in IT Glue.


  • User account with modify access to ConnectWise setup tables. 


  1. In ConnectWise, from the navigation menu, click System, then Setup Tables.
  2. From the Category dropdown list, select General and then press enter.

  3. Select Links from the list. 
  4. Click the New Item icon to add a new link.
  5. On the next screen, enter the following information:
    • Link Name: IT Glue 
      (the name that you want to appear in dropdown menus)
    • Table Reference: Company
    • Link Definition:[companyrecordid] 
      (with your subdomain instead of "mycompany")
    • Available Token: Company Record ID
  6. Click Save and Close. You are now ready to use this feature.

Now if you go to ConnectWise and browse to one of the clients that's synced with IT Glue, you can select IT Glue from the dropdown menu and click on the search icon to navigate to that client in IT Glue.

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