Creating an integrator resource in Autotask

Follow these instructions to create a separate resource (user account) for the integration with IT Glue.

If you choose to use an existing resource, then these steps do not apply. However, if you are using an existing resource, make sure the security level is set to Full Access or System Administrator.


  1. Hover your mouse on the Autotask icon to access the main menu. Navigate to Admin > Resources (Users) and then click on the New button.


  2. In the General tab, enter a first and last name.


  3. In the Security tab, create your login credentials.
    1. In the Security Level field, select API User (System) or Full Access (System Administrator).
    2. In the API Tracking Identifier field, click the Integration Vendor option and choose IT Glue - Documentation Management.


      Note: When you select the IT Glue - Documentation Manager option, a warning will pop-up. Click Yes and then on Save & Close.


  4. Access the main menu. Navigate to Admin > Feature & Settings > Resources/Users (HR) > Protected Data Permission.


  5. Check the View Protected Data box for the integrator role and then click on Save.


You now have an integrator resource for IT Glue.

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