Search Best Practices

With IT Glue's Search feature available by pressing "Q", you can find information in your account from anywhere. Here are some best practices when using Search in IT Glue.

Search results

As you start typing search terms into the search bar, results instantly appear. The maximum number of results is 50. Keep typing keywords to refine your results.

The top results are associated with the Name field of IT Glue items, followed by results for other fields. Search shows results across multiple fields containing any of your keywords.

If you search for the words hard drive, you will get results for:

  • just the word hard
  • just the word drive
  • both words

First to display are exact matches for the full term, as if you had put quotations around the words.


Note that the results of your searches will only show results you have access to. Therefore, your colleagues may see different results, even if you’re both searching with the same keywords.

Change the search scope

You can toggle between two search scopes: a global search, which means searching across all organizations, versus a search within the organization you’re currently viewing.

To toggle between an Organization based search and a Global search, simply click the house or globe icon to switch search scope.


Partial word (fuzzy) searching

We strongly recommend you only search for exact whole words, and avoid partial word searches. For example, searching for serv or even server will not necessarily return a server named server4thfloor (example only, joining words like this is not a good naming convention).

Refine searches by short name

Another way to refine your search results is by adding the organization short name as one of your search words. You can find an organization short name by clicking Edit on any organization. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you rely on your keyboard to navigate? Search is packed full of useful Keyboard shortcuts to make searching even more convenient.

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