Resending a user invite

For security reasons, the "Accept Invitation" link contained in the IT Glue invitation email expires after six hours. If the user didn't click on the link before it expired, you can resend the invite.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access.


If someone on your team hasn't completed the set up of their account or is saying that the invite link is no longer working, follow these instructions to resend the invite:

  1. Navigate to Account > Users.
  2. Click on the (Reset Invitation icon) link found in the Users list view.

Note that making edits to the user's account will also trigger a new invite.

A user with an unaccepted invitation will remain on the Account > Users list until access is accepted, or until manually removed.

If you make a mistake in the email address, you will be unable to change the email address. To correct a mistake, simply delete the account and start again.


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