Create standard operating procedures (SOPs)

This article is an introduction to creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) in IT Glue with a focus on the main features of the Step content block.

An SOP is a set of step-by-step instructions to help one person or a team of people to perform routine operations.

IT Glue provides a standard template to allow you to easily capture your SOPs and illustrate them with screenshots or other images. When the images are clicked, they'll open in a lightbox layer that fills the screen, and dims out the rest of the screen. The lightbox layer is perfect for larger images and images with lots of details. 


  1. Open one of your organizations. If you're creating this as a generic procedure for your team to use with multiple clients, you may want to create it inside your own organization.
  2. From Documents, click on the +New button to create a new document.

  3. Click the Step button to add the first step in your procedure.

  4. Explain what needs to be done in the first step of this procedure. The text can be fully formatted (bold, italics, bulleted lists, etc.) if needed.

  5. Estimate the duration in minutes and enter it in the Duration field.
  6. Next, drag and drop a screenshot or other image from your computer into the dashed outline area, or click on the drop zone to browse your computer and upload an image.
    • Maximum image size: 50MB.
  7. Continue adding steps to the procedure. Add as many steps as you need to make the document easier to read and follow.

If you forget a step, you can easily add new steps in a procedure by inserting them where you want them, and the numbering will take care of itself. Also, you can select the "Reset step number" checkbox if you need to break up your instruction into separate sections within the same document. 

After you publish this document, you'll get a roll-up at the bottom of the document that shows how long it takes to complete the procedure based on the times you entered. The purpose of knowing how long a procedure will take is to estimate the amount of time it takes to complete a routine operation as a baseline performance measurement. 

Adding multiple screenshots 

The most common way of adding an image to your procedure is to attach a single screenshot directly to the containing Step. To add a second image for that step, you can add it directly to the Step (images will display side-by-side) or you can add it to a Gallery content block to display the image directly below the first image. 

Keep in mind that whenever you add multiple images within the same Step or Gallery content block, this will create thumbnails in the published document. When clicked, the image thumbnail will open the image in the lightbox layer.

Example: Photos added to a Gallery content block

Adding additional information

You can add any additional information at the bottom or top of the page using the Text and Heading content blocks.  

Example standard operating procedure


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