Add sub-docs to documentation

Sub-documents (sub-docs) are documents embedded in other documents. They can be useful for adding information that only makes sense in the context of the parent. 

Sub-docs are similar to normal documents. They have security settings and revision histories just like top-level documents.

Sub-docs can be searched for, but not browsed to, in document and folders listings. 

Keep in mind that sub-docs are dependent on the parent. They can't be promoted to parent (nor can a parent be demoted to child). Also, if the parent is deleted, the sub-doc will also be deleted. 


  1. From the document you want to create a new sub-doc in, click Add sub-doc in the right-side of the screen. This will create and then immediately open a new sub-doc.
  2. Give the document a name and create the document content.
  3. Change the security permissions if needed. Permissions in a sub-doc inherit permissions from the parent document by default, but you might have an edge case for which you want to set unique permissions.
  4. Click Publish to publish your work. 
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