File Sharing

Each standard mapped drive can be documented in the File Sharing flexible asset, which gives your team the ability to quickly identify shared drives for troubleshooting.


  • Administrator level access to the domain controller and file server.
  • To also document access groups used in file sharing, you would need to modify your File Sharing flexible asset design to include somewhere to add this information, such as a text field or a tagging field. The Active Directory security groups can help you understand how to track which users have access to a particular share under the File Sharing flexible asset. The advantage is that you don't have to use spreadsheets or access the file share directly to verify.


  1. Navigate to the desired organization.
  2. From the File Sharing list view, click + New.
  3. In the Share Name field, enter a name that will display in list view and search results (e.g. Sales).
  4. In the Share Description field, enter a more complete description (e.g. Used by inside sales). You can also use the description field to specify how the mapped drive is added (manually, GPO, etc.).
  5. In the Servers field, tag the relevant configuration item.
  6. In the Mapped Drive field, enter the drive letter (e.g. P: drive). This information will be visible in search results with the share name.
  7. In the Share Path field, enter the share path.
  8. In the Disk Path field, enter the disk path.
  9. (Optional) In a custom Security Groups field, specify who gets the mapped drive based on group policies.
  10. Click Save.

After that's done, you'll have a list of file shares for each client organization that looks like this (click to enlarge):



A few notes

  • It's possible to have multiple "versions" of a drive letter depending on group or Organizational Unit (OU) membership. To handle this, you would record the multiple drives with the same letter and differentiate them with a detailed description.
  • Mac or Linux? File shares can still be documented with this asset. The drive letter is not a required field.
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