This topic will show you how to associate virtual machines to host servers using the Virtualization flexible asset, to provide a snapshot of a virtualized environment.


  • Add the virtual machines and host servers as configurations. 


Use the following instructions to record information that will help you manage and troubleshoot the hypervisor and virtual machines:

  1. Navigate to the organization you are onboarding.
  2. Go to the Virtualization section from the sidebar.
  3. click + New in the top-right corner.
  4. In the Office Location field, tag the location of the server.
  5. In the Virtualization Technology field, select either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.
  6. In the Virtualization Hosts field, tag the host servers you created further above.
  7. Embed any local server passwords to the relevant configurations if the servers are not members of AD.
  8. In the Virtual Machines field, tag the virtual machines you created further above.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Use the Attachments and Related Items sections to add long form documentation. Consider creating a document with advanced configuration details or adding new fields to the flexible asset to record additional details, such as
    • File path to directory of virtual machines.
    • Any extra setup and install logs to the asset.
    • Supporting documents to detail usage, configuration, or capacity planning.
    • Storage information if separate. 

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