Remote Access

This flexible asset lets you capture all methods of remote access in one place.

The basic methods for remote access of a client network should fit in a single record. If you need to show other details and mappings (e.g. this IP maps to that internal device), you probably don't need to create several separate entries in the Remote Access list view, which could become unwieldy. Many partners have chosen instead to modify the flexible asset to include an HTML table in a textbox field. This covers any edge cases that may come up later when information is being entered.


  • Load the network attached devices in the client environment as configurations. 
  • (Optional) Import or create a document with a procedure on how to access the VPN.


  1. Navigate to the organization you are onboarding.
  2. Go to the Remote Access section from the sidebar.
  3. click + New in the top-right corner.
  4. In Site Name field, enter a descriptive name. 
  5. In Remote Desktop field, enter a URL or hostname to connect to.
  6. In Client VPN field, enter a URL for client VPN access
  7. In Webmail field, enter a URL for webmail access.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Attach any client VPN config files.
  10. Under Related Items (right-hand side of the screen), add as many or as few of the following items as you want:
    • Firewall
    • Email flexible asset
    • SSL Certificates
    • Domain Registrar
    • VPN shared secrets
    • Procedure documents e.g. "How to acces the VPN"
    • Relevant passwords for testing and troubleshooting. e.g. AD Admin
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