Preparing for your getting started session

The following checklist will prepare you and your team for your getting started session. 

  • Appoint the project leads and ensure they are available for the Getting Started session.
  • Ensure you have worked through Six steps to a successful setup.
  • Ensure you have a computer with audio capabilities, or prepare a speakerphone to dial into the GoToMeeting session. If you are dialing in, and do not see a local number for your country, please request a local dial in number before the meeting.
  • We recommend that no more than four individuals attend. This ensures proper delivery of the knowledge material to your team members. A recording will be made available for your team.
  • Ensure you have Administrator access and are signed in to IT Glue for your scheduled start time.

The getting started session is a 40 minute remote session, and the implementation specialist leading the session will use your IT Glue account to review the platform and its functionality with your team. 

We recommend for all those team members attending the session to clear an extra 30 minutes on their schedule after the session. This will allow you all to agree on next actions.

Happy documenting!

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