Embed Lucidchart Diagrams

This article explains how to embed diagrams created with Lucidchart (www.lucidchart.com) in IT Glue, and also how to add hyperlinks within a diagram that, when clicked, will open the relevant assets in IT Glue. We'll refer to network diagrams but you can use any kind of diagram that Lucidchart supports.


Grabbing the embed code from Lucidchart

  1. Sign in to your Lucidchart account and create a network diagram.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the Share button. 


  3. Click Advanced


  4. From the left side of the Share dialog, choose Embed.


  5. Select either Medium or Large from the drop down, and then click the Activate Embed Code button to activate the code.


  6. Copy the activated embed code.


Pasting the embed code in IT Glue

  1. From IT Glue, open the relevant LAN item for the desired organization.
  2. Locate the textbox field ("Network Diagram").
  3. Open the Embed Media box by clicking the  (Embed Media icon). 
  4. Paste the embed code and click OK


After embedding the code, the image will display and you can scroll and zoom around it directly in IT Glue:


Adding hotspots to the diagram

You can re-visit your Lucidchart diagram and create hotspots for each device that will take you directly to the device in IT Glue. 

Note: Hotspots are available to Lucidchart Professional and Team accounts.

  1. From IT Glue, navigate to the relevant organization and click Configurations from the sidebar.
  2. Click on the Type drop-down arrows and filter the view to target one type at a time (servers, switches). 
  3. Right-click on a name and select Copy Link Address.

  4. From the network diagram in Lucidchart, right-click the relevant device to open the context menu, and then select Create Hotspot.
  5. Click on the drop-down arrows next to Choose an Action and select External Link.
  6. In the External Link dialog box, paste the link, check Open in new window, and click Done.


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