Importing documents (HTML, Word, or Confluence)

This topic explains how to import your HTML, Word, or Confluence documents in a way that converts them into native IT Glue format, so that your team can edit and share them with others.

IT Glue supports converting the following file types into IT Glue format:

  • Word (.doc or .docx, or a ZIP file containing multiple Word documents)
  • HTML/Confluence files (individual HTML files or a ZIP file containing multiple HTML files)

If the ZIP file you are importing has any folders that contain Word documents or HTML/Confluence files, this folder structure will also be imported.

Note: If your documents are not too complex, you can simply copy and paste the text and images into IT Glue, if desired. For more information, see Copying in text and images from other sources.


  • You must have either an Administrator role or a Manager role that has access to all organizations.
  • The maximum upload file size is 50MB. If you're using a ZIP, make sure the extracted files are less than 50MB.
  • All documents should be imported without any emoticons, Wingdings, or similar icon fonts; otherwise, the import may fail without indicating why.


  1. Navigate to the organization that you'd like to import to.
  2. Open the Documents section from the sidebar.
  3. (Optional) Choose a document folder to import to.
  4. Click on the Import button and choose Documents.


  5. On the next screen, select a type from the Document Importer Type drop down, e.g. Word or HTML.
  6. Under Import File, choose the Word or HTML file or a ZIP archive that contains multiple files.


  7. If prompted, decide if you'd like to allow partial imports. If "Allow partial imports" is set to "Yes", and there are some failed documents in a ZIP file, IT Glue will still import successful documents.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Wait for an email from that includes a link to view imported documents or details regarding your import. Clicking the "View the documents" link takes you to following status screen (note: this screen is only available for one week after completing your import):


You can verify your import was successful by waiting for the email confirmation or by navigating to Account > Import Data and then clicking on the link for your import:


Once you've confirmed your import was completed, you can start using the features of IT Glue to change the formatting, update the document title, and more.

Example: The IT Glue document (left) compared to the original Word document (right)


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