Viewing activity on your account

The activity logs let you quickly review the actions performed in your account. These logs cover details such as who performed the action, what the action was, when it was performed, and which account was involved.

It's important that the time zone for each user is accurate to ensure that their actions in the activity logs are timestamped correctly. These logs display actions in the user's time zone. Make sure all users have set their time zone correctly.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue.


The activity logs list actions performed since the beginning of your account. Links to the activity logs appear throughout the app, but you can quickly access it from anywhere:

  1. Click Account from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Activity Logs from the sidebar.


The default view is sorted by activity date and time, most recent first. Click a column header to toggle ascending/descending order. Click the Clear button to reset the sort order.

The activity logs list the following information about actions made within your account:

  • The date and time the action occurred
  • The user that performed the action
  • Which organization the action took place in
  • The action that was performed
  • Which resource the action took place in
  • The revision date of the resource
  • The public IP of the device that was used for the activity
  • The physical location associated with the IP address
Keep in mind that when you're in a document, you have a quick way to view its access history.

Searching the activity logs

You can search the log a number of ways. Some of the popular ways of searching are listed here:

To search based on the action performed - Use the Category and associated Action drop-down filters.

To search based on the user - Type the person's first and last name and then press Enter on your keyboard to search for all actions performed by that specific user.

To search for all third-party actions - Use the Account drop-down filter. This filter is only available when you invite third-party accounts to access your account via GlueConnect.

Make sure you always click the Clear button between searches to reset your search criteria.

Restoring accidentally deleted items

If you have an Administrator role, you can also restore accidentally deleted items from the activity logs. For more information, see How do I restore an item deleted by accident?

Need to go back to an earlier revision instead? You can also view and restore previously saved versions of core and flexible assets. For more information, see Tracking revisions to core and flexible assets.


A few notes

  • The activity logs will track passwords accessed via the IT Glue Chrome Extension.
  • Activity logs for a user are not deleted when the user is removed from your account.
  • If a user's actions are not shown, make sure they haven't left their first and last name blank on the Edit Profile screen.
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