Fixing a failed subscription payment

This procedure outlines the steps you can take to fix a failed subscription payment.

Note that after the first failed subscription payment, we will try a total of 7 times, with 24 hours in between each attempt (a full week). We'll send notification emails to your billing email address. After a week, we automatically suspend the subscription, and you will lose the ability to access all areas of IT Glue until the account is brought up-to-date.


  1. Contact your bank to find out what's happening by calling the support phone number that's shown on the back of your credit card. Your bank will give you the exact reason for the decline and help you resolve the issue.
    • For example, your bank may have declined the attempt because it's a foreign transaction. Payments are made in US dollars but processed in Canada as that is where we're based out of. The solution is to allow foreign transactions on your card.

  2. If you need a workaround, you can change to an alternate card on a temporary basis and then update the credit card for future automatic payments. Follow the instructions in the Updating billing and credit card information article.

  3. If your IT Glue subscription is suspended because the payment failed for 7 days in a row, resubmit your card details to reactivate your account. Again, follow the instructions in the Updating billing and credit card information article. After you enter your credit card details on the Billing page, the system will immediately try to charge the outstanding balance.



  • You'll know that your credit card issue is fixed if your payment goes through.
  • If the payment attempt is successful, we will send a statement to the billing email address on file.
  • If it fails, we will notify you by email to the billing email address.
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