Turning on enforced MFA for all users

You can turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your IT Glue account. MFA is a two-step verification process that is focused on helping secure access to your account. If it's enforced on your account, it means that all users under your account need to set up MFA to sign in. For MFA set up instructions, see Using multi-factor authentication (MFA).


  • You must have Administrator level access to turn on this setting.


  1. From Account > Settings, click the Authentication tab.
  2. Check the Require MFA for access to this account box.
  3. Click Save.

Once you make this change, anyone who has MFA disabled will be prompted to set up MFA as soon as they try to sign in.

To view the MFA status of a user, navigate to Account > Users. If an MFA padlock icon is open, it means the user hasn't set up their MFA yet.


A few notes:

  • You can have both SSO and MFA turned on in your IT Glue account, plus set MFA up through your SSO provider. This gives you the highest security for an SSO enabled IT Glue account, by making sure that only users with MFA configured have the ability to sign in. 
  • If you turn off enforced MFA later, this will not turn off MFA for users that have already enabled their MFA.
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