Account FAQ

What are the differences between Basic, Select, and Enterprise?
Refer to our website to see the features available (or not available) for each plan type.

How do I check what plan type I have?
Sign in to IT Glue and navigate to Account > Plan. Your current plan and pricing is indicated on this screen. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What payment options are available for IT Glue subscriptions?
Currently you can only pay for IT Glue subscriptions using a credit card. We accept the following cards:
- MasterCard
- Visa
- American Express

Will the due date of my bill be the same each month?
Subscription payments are taken on the same day each billing cycle that the subscription was originally created. You can view this date by navigating to Account > Plan. Your subscription start date is displayed near the top of the screen.

What will the billing line appear as on my credit card?
When the payment is first processed to your credit card, and the charge is still in “Pending” status, you might see "Stripe" (our payment processor), but within about 48 hours, the payment will be processed and you will see "IT Glue."

Where can I find my invoices?
We send an invoice to your billing contact's email address for every transaction made. If you update your billing information and change the billing contact, this will change who receives the invoices.

How do I update my billing contact or credit card information?
Refer to the detailed instructions in our Updating billing and credit card information article.

Why did my payment fail?
In most cases, credit card declines are easily fixed by re-entering your billing information or by contacting your bank directly for assistance.

For more help on this topic, please refer to the Fixing a failed subscription payment article.

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