Creating an integrator login in ConnectWise

Follow these instructions to create an integrator login for the integration with IT Glue.


  • ConnectWise On-Premises or ConnectWise Cloud Account, and full ConnectWise desktop client.
  • User account with modify access to ConnectWise setup tables.


  1. In ConnectWise, from the navigation menu, click System, then Setup Tables.
  2. From the Category dropdown list, select General and then press enter.

  3. Select Integrator Login from the list.

  4. Click the New Item icon to add a new integrator login.
  5. On the Integrator Login screen, create your login credentials and set the access level to All records.

  6. Next, select the APIs that that need to be available to the integrator login. Make sure all of the following are enabled.
      • Contact API
      • Company API
      • Member API
      • Reporting API
      • System API
      • Configuration API
  7. Click the Save and Close icon. You now have an integrator login for IT Glue.
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