RMM field mappings

This article defines how RMM fields are mapped to IT Glue fields.

Each RMM integration can be slightly different when it comes to which fields are available or supported. Please see the image further below for the exceptions.

Default Gateway Default Gateway
Disks *
Device Type Type
External URL Manage URL**
Hostname Hostname
IP Addresses IP Addresses
Last Login User *
Last Reboot *
Last Seen Online *
MAC Addresses MAC Addresses
Manufacturer Name *
Memory Total *
Model Name *
Name Name
RMM Location Location
RMM Organization Organization
Operating System Platform/Operating System
Serial Number Serial Number

* Denotes new fields that IT Glue recognizes with an RMM integration. The exceptions for each RMM are listed in the image below. These fields are displayed when viewing a configuration item and are indexed by IT Glue's search.

** This link takes you directly to the device in your RMM.

Supported field exceptions
This table explains which fields may or may not be available for your RMM. Items with a (filled-in star) are supported. Items without a star are not supported. The (unfilled star) indicates that the item is only partially supported. (Click to enlarge.)

RMM logic

Standard rules are used to associate RMM data to data that is already in your account. The sync will discover and attempt to associate data coming from your RMM to data in IT Glue (PSA, imported, or manually entered data) based on the following rules:

Rule Matches on
Organization Name field exact match. If no exact match, suggests organizations based on name pattern recognition for manual matching.
Configurations MAC address or serial number. If no match on those fields, suggests configurations based on exact name of the device for manual matching.
Learn more about how RMM data will be combined with PSA data.

Showing IP addresses from all sources

You have the option of configuring your account so that you only display IP addresses from the RMM or also display any additional IP addresses written to your account. By default, you only see IP addresses from your RMM. For more information, see What does the 'Display IT Glue IP addresses...' checkbox do?

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