Importing the IT Glue Library

Follow the instructions below to import the IT Glue Library. Topics include Service Desk, Service Level Management, and Change Management. 

You'll find a number of types of documents in the library, including

  • Process SOPs. Instructions for a group of people who perform all the activities for a single process.
  • Role SOPs. Instructions for one person or role within an organization. 


  • You must have an Administrator role or a Manager role that has access to all organizations.


  1. Navigate to the organization that you'd like to add the library to.
  2. Click Documents from the sidebar. 
  3. Click on the Import button and choose Library.


  4. Select one or more folders and documents by ticking the desired checkboxes.

  5. Select Import To to open the import dialog box.
  6. To import to a different organization, click Select a different organization, search for the organization, and choose the target organization by typing the first few letters of its name. Otherwise, skip this step to import to the current organization.
  7. Select the folder you would like to copy the selected items to. To import to the root folder of the current organization, choose Documents.
  8. Click Copy to complete the import.      

Note: You can import the contents of the library as many times as you want.

Example below is excerpted from the IT Glue Library

For more information about the library, take a look at our blog post: Launching the IT Glue Library.

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