Sign in and out of your account

Each IT Glue account has its own unique URL that is generally in the format of:

  •    or

The first part of the URL (mycompany) is called the subdomain. The creator of the IT Glue account picks the subdomain during the account setup process.

You should have already received your unique URL in an invitation email prompting you to activate your user account. If you still have a pending invitation, you will need to access the link in the email before you can sign in.

Signing in

  1. Go to the unique URL of your account.
  2. Enter the email address that's registered to your IT Glue account and your password, and then click Sign in.

  3. If MFA is enabled, you will have to enter the authentication code from your MFA device.
  4. Click Continue.
Note: Once you have signed in using the web app, you're also signed in to the Chrome Extension. For more information on how to install the Chrome Extension, please read: Quick guide for the IT Glue Chrome Extension

Signing out

  1. Click your profile name (top right) from any screen.
  2. Select Sign out from the drop-down menu.


Signing in and out using SSO

When your company signed up with IT Glue, they used your email address to create your account. As long as that email address is connected to a valid SSO account, you can sign in using SSO. Make sure you’re signed in to your SSO account, and then go to your account subdomain ( directly.

When you want to sign out of IT Glue, you will need to manually select Sign out from your IT Glue account. Signing out of SSO does not sign you out of IT Glue and vice versa.

Account switching

Account switching is something you can do if your user account is associated with more than one IT Glue account. While you can have access to multiple accounts, you can only access one at a time and your user role may be different between accounts.

For example, if delegate access is provided to another account using GlueConnect, you will be able to switch to it from the user name drop-down menu. You can then switch back and forth seamlessly between the accounts.


Problems signing in?

The first thing to do is to make sure that the email address you’re using to sign in is the one used to create your account. If you’re still having headaches, follow this link and check out the Changing or resetting your IT Glue password article, which lists some common scenarios that may apply to you. For problems signing in with MFA, see Troubleshooting MFA sign-in.

If your account gets locked out after multiple failed sign-in attempts, an email with unlock instructions will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions in the email to sign in again.

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