Removing a PSA integration

This article will help you remove a PSA integration. There are two ways you might do this depending on what you're trying to do.

  1. disconnecting the integration but not deleting the data
  2. deleting the integration and all associated data

Note that certain bulk delete actions only work if they're enabled on your account. If you complete the steps below and come to an error message telling you the feature is unavailable, let us know and we'll get it enabled for you.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator level access to remove a PSA integration.
  • Before you delete anything, make sure you have a recent back up of your account.
  • We also strongly recommend that you do a double check of your data before doing any unwanted damage. For tips on this, see Preventing accidental deletion of data.


Disconnecting the integration

By not deleting the data, you have the benefit of keeping the data for use with other types of integrations, such as an RMM integration.

Note: You should always contact us before changing the way you are integrated with other sync tools.

  1. Navigate to Account > Integrations.
  2. Click Disconnect from your PSA's Actions drop down.
  3. On the next screen, choose the second option "Permanently disconnect records."
  4. Click Disconnect to complete the action.

The integration is now removed from your account. This will also disconnect any syncing organizations and any associated items that belong to those organizations, but leave a copy in IT Glue for stand-alone use.

Deleting the integration

Note: After you delete, adding the PSA again later may result in the same data being recreated but without the passwords, domains, documents, and other items that were only in IT Glue. Data entered into flexible assets, attachments, and related items are also lost.

RMM integrated accounts: If the items you delete are matched to RMM data, the matched data will unmatch and the associated RMM data will not display anywhere unless the data is rematched.

  1. Navigate to Account > Integrations.
  2. Click Disconnect from your PSA's Actions drop down.
  3. On the next screen, choose the third option "Permanently delete all data."
    Warning. Any data that was only in IT Glue and not in the PSA will be lost. This is a hard delete of all data associated with PSA synced organizations, which means the data is not recoverable later from a trash can. It's very import that you don't delete the integration without first determining whether you have a recent backup in case you need to recover any data later.
  4. Click Disconnect to complete the action.

After that's done, the data is removed from IT Glue. Your PSA data will be untouched.

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