A quick tour of editing

The primary pieces of the editing user interface include the editing toolbar and a few different floating context menus. A context menu is a menu that appears upon certain user interaction and offers a limited set of choices, i.e. actions related to the selected item.

Editing toolbar

The editing toolbar contains several menus and commands you will need to edit documents.

Style menu

Use the Style menu to apply a heading or font style to highlighted text. 

Text toolbar

This toolbar includes the following actions:

  • Bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough text
  • Change the text color and background color
  • Remove the formatting on the text.
  • Insert/remove numbered items to the text.
  • Insert/remove bulleted items to the text.
  • Add a quote block to the text. 

Decrease/increase indent

Decrease or increase the indent of text.



Change the alignment of text.


Undo/redo tools

Undo and redo actions in the text. 


Access the underlying HTML code for the text you're working with. 


Create a table. Choose the number of columns and rows as needed. Once you create the table, clicking inside a table cell will display a floating context menu with several actions you can perform (as described further below).

Embed media

Embed media (iframes) hosted by other services.

Add Content context menu 

Placing your cursor somewhere inside a block of text and clicking on the  plus sign next to it opens this floating context menu, which includes the following actions:

  • Insert inline images
  • Create bulleted list
  • Create numbered list
  • Insert horizontal lines
  • Add links
  • Insert tables

Edit Text context menu 

Highlighting a section of text opens this floating context menu, which includes the following actions:

  • Apply paragraph and character styles 
  • Bold text
  • Italicize text
  • Underline text
  • Strikethrough text
  • Add links
  • Remove formatting

Tables context menu 

Clicking inside a table cell opens this floating context menu, which includes the following options:

  • Apply paragraph and character styles
  • Rows (insert, delete)
  • Columns (insert, delete)
  • Cells (insert, delete, merge split)
  • Remove table

Image Alignment context menu 

Clicking on an image open this floating context menu, which includes the following options:

  • Float left
  • Center
  • Float right 

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