Reviewing Datto backups

The device information in Global > Datto is currently only available to Managers and Administrators.

A Datto integration will give you an extra screen in the Global area where you can view read-only data from your Datto dashboard. 

Use the Quick Filters to view your Datto device details and their protection status in list view.

  • Use the Device filter to view a list of all your Datto devices. (See screenshot below. Click to enlarge.) 
  • Use the Agent filter to view all of the backup agents and their status.

You can click on the name of a Datto device for more details:



  • To manage a backup incident, as indicated by a  (red x icon), you will need to access the Datto management screen on the Datto device.
  • The Datto list views can be sorted and searched.
  • To search for a Datto device from the Search bar at the top of every screen, enter the Hostname, Model, Serial No, Local IP, or Remote IP.


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