Add and delete organizations

These instructions show you how to add organizations manually, or delete organizations that you no longer need. Follow the below steps to ensure that your account is well maintained and kept up to date.



Adding an organization

IT Glue has two-way sync capability with ConnectWise and Autotask. With two-way syncing enabled, you can add an organization from within IT Glue and to your PSA.

If you are two-way syncing, the procedure for creating new organizations consists of these simple steps:

  1. Verify that the organization has not already been entered in the system. Use the search tool on the main Organizations page to check.
  2. Click Organizations in the top nav bar and then click + New.


  3. Fill in the fields. The name should be entered exactly as it appears in any systems you integrate with to ensure it will map to an organization that you already entered in an external data source that's syncing with IT Glue or your PSA.
    1. For your organization logo, we recommend that you import a medium-sized image in the neighborhood of 260px by 260px. Images that are larger will be automatically scaled to a width of 260px with a height constrained proportionally. 
  4. Click Save.

After you save, the same organization is immediately added to your PSA if the organization type and status are ones that are set to sync.

Note: If you are one-way syncing with your PSA, you should add the organization to your PSA instead. It will be brought over in the next data load if its type and status are set to sync. For more information, see Syncing between IT Glue and PSAs overview.

Adding a sub-organization

After you complete the above, follow these steps below to manually create a sub-organization from IT Glue:

  1. Click Organizations in the top nav bar and then click + New.
  2. Fill in the fields. In the Parent Organization section, click the text field to select the associated parent organization.


  3. Click Save.

After that's done, the same organization is added to your PSA if the organization type and status are set to sync. Note that you may have to update your PSA to reflect the child/parent relationship later. For more information, refer to our Working with sub-organizations KB article.

Deleting an organization

In IT Glue, there are two different ways to delete your organizations: in bulk or individually. For instructions on bulk deleting operations, see Deleting data from your account. The instructions below show you how to delete a single organization:

  1. Click Organizations from the top nav bar.
  2. In the Organizations list view, click the name of the organization to open it (or enter the name in the search bar).
  3. Click Edit at the top-right corner.


  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Organization page and look for the PSA logo.
    • If it's a syncing organization, click Disable sync and then click Delete Organization.
    • If it's not a syncing organization, click Delete Organization.


  5. Confirm the deletion and that’s it. Your PSA data will be untouched.

After you confirm the action, the organization and all associated data (Configurations, Documents, Passwords, Contacts, Flexible assets) are deleted. Any sub-organizations are also deleted. It may take a few moments for the action to complete.

On syncing organizations, the Delete Organization action is grayed out until you disable sync



If you delete a syncing organization on the PSA side, it will be orphaned in IT Glue after the next sync. Then, it's just a matter of finding and deleting the orphan inside of your IT Glue account. Managers and Administrators can find all the orphans listed together on the Manage Data screen.

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