Viewing or editing the permissions of an asset

IT Glue is designed with sharing in mind and therefore, by default, all new IT Glue assets are accessible to other IT Glue users with access to the same organization. However, sometimes you might have a situation for which you want to change who has access to a single asset. 

This article shows how to change the permissions of an asset.


  • Anyone with a Creator or above role can set user or group permissions on an asset. 
  • To change the permissions of an asset, you must have permissions to access the asset.


Editing the permissions of an asset

  1. Open the asset you want to set permissions on and click Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Security section.
  3. Choose the second option in this section, which will say something along the lines of Specific Groups and/or Users can access this Configuration.
  4. Select the desired groups and users by checking the relevant boxes.
    • Groups you are not a member of (grayed out) can be selected and deselected.
  5. Click Save for the new restrictions to take effect immediately.

After that's done, you can view the resulting permissions for the asset from the list view, as described further below.


  • The asset will not appear in list views and search results for anyone who does not have access, but the name of the asset will appear in activity feeds when there is activity on it.

Viewing the permissions of an asset

When you view a list view, the permission security is part of the view. Simply hover over the padlock icon to see who can access that asset. When the padlock is open, the permissions associated with that asset are the same as the organization's. When the padlock is closed, there have been changes to a person's or group's access to that password.


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