Purchasing MyGlue seat packs

Your MyGlue subscription consists of a pack of seats. These seats can be allocated as you see fit across any of your clients.

We provide 5 free MyGlue seats to get started. The 5 free seats will still have to be "purchased" via the MyGlue seat purchase slider, but they are free nonetheless.


  • You must be an Administrator or a Manager who has access to all organizations.


You can purchase seats anytime from Account > Plan, or from where you deploy your MyGlue accounts, as described below.

  1. Click Account from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click MyGlue from the sidebar.


  3. At the top of the screen, click the + Seats button.


  4. Use the slider pop-up window to decide the number of seats you'd like to purchase. The right side of the slider shows you the cost per seat monthly subscription total. As you increase the number of seats, you'll see the cost per seat and monthly total change.
  5. Click Purchase.

After you click Purchase, the slider pop-up will close and your seats will be immediately available. 

Note: If you purchase more seats later, the right side of the slider will always show you the total cost per seat of all your seats, not just the seats you are purchasing now. This gives you a full picture of your updated monthly subscription cost.

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