New API endpoints for managing passwords

We are excited to have launched support for Passwords and Password Categories resources in the IT Glue API. This adds yet another type of automation you can build with the API.

The Passwords resource can make it easier to manage login credentials across clients. Passwords may need to be changed from time to time when security flaws are discovered or when internal changes call for it, like employees leaving.

The Passwords Categories resource makes it easier to query for related passwords.

The release of these features was done in stages. You may have noticed that Passwords was released a few weeks ago, but our most recent release adds support for Password Categories.


GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE endpoints have been added. This allows you to create, import, retrieve, update, and delete passwords in a similar manner as other asset types.

The Passwords resource gives you access to a password's description, username, password, url, notes, and category fields. For embedded passwords, you'll also get the resource-id and resource-type fields.

Note that the API key must have the "Password Access" checkbox selected to allow access to actual password values from the API. 

Password Categories

GET, POST, and PATCH endpoints have been added. This new resource gives you access to category names and the number of passwords in each category. 

The developer documentation has more information. 

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for new API functionality!

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