Enabling Kaseya BMS Two-way Sync

For partners subscribed to Select or Enterprise Plans

If you are integrated with Kaseya BMS, you will want to take advantage of the BMS two-way sync. Two-way sync allows you to update changed asset types, such as Organizations, Configurations, Contacts, and Locations that are syncing with Kaseya, directly in IT Glue. With one-way sync, selected synced fields were read-only because data coming from Kaseya was prioritized over the data in IT Glue.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue
  • An integration with Kaseya BMS


  1. Log in to your IT Glue account and navigate to Account > Integrations. Click on Actions > Sync Settings.


  2. Select the Account and Asset Types you wish to sync. Then, turn on two-way sync by clicking the Enable two-way sync checkbox at the bottom of the screen.


    Note: The two-way sync checkbox is disabled by default (this only allows a one-way pull of information from Kaseya BMS in to IT Glue).

After you turn on two-way sync, updates made to synced asset types and statuses selected on the Sync Settings page are pushed to Kaseya BMS.

Common Questions

How will data be pushed to Kaseya?

If enabled, Kaseya BMS accounts, configurations, locations, and contacts are synced two-ways. New or updated IT Glue organizations, configurations, locations, and contacts are pushed to Kaseya BMS.

Note: As a precautionary measure, two-way sync will not automatically push existing data in IT Glue in to Kaseya BMS until it has been individually edited and saved.

Items not yet pushed will display the following message: "Record not yet pushed to Kaseya BMS. To trigger a push, try updating the record."

Edit and save these items one-by-one, which will then queue them to sync per our standard sync behavior. Make sure that each organization or configuration's type and status are ones that are set to sync.

Remember, assets must meet the sync settings specified on the Account > Integrations > Action > Configuration screen (i.e. these assets must have a synced type and/or status). When an asset is queued for sync, the message  "Queued for push to Kaseya BMS" will appear.

How do I make imported data push to Kaseya?

Two-way sync is not intended for data imported from external sources or that's added to your account via the IT Glue API. Such data will need to be edited and saved one by one to work with two-way synchronization and push to Kaseya. Not pushing such data automatically ensures the integrity of the data stored in Kaseya is not affected by bulk changes made in IT Glue, resulting in hundreds or thousands of records being duplicated or incorrectly updated.

What is the sync frequency and duration?

After enabling two-way sync, any updates to a mapped field in IT Glue will be immediately pushed to Kaseya.

Updates from Kaseya sync regularly, and the time taken to complete depends how many items have changed since the last sync. You can use a manual sync anytime (from Account > Integrations) to prioritize the sync to start sooner.

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