MyGlue Deployment Scenario 3 - Full Documentation Access for Key Stakeholders

If you'd like to know more on how to deploy MyGlue, please view MyGlue Deployment Guide.

Scenario Purpose:

Deploy a MyGlue account for client stakeholders that provides them with access to all asset types and all unrestricted IT Glue Data.



The key stakeholders at your client sites are likely to request access to the documentation you’ve created for them in your IT Glue account. In this scenario, we’ll be providing them with access to all of the asset types being used to document their company as well as access to all of the unrestricted IT Glue data.


Deployment Steps

1. Email your client to inform them about MyGlue and the training resources available to them:

2. Within IT Glue, create a MyGlue account:






3. Enter a name for the Group.


Additional Groups can be created after completing this wizard. This name will likely match the name you’ve given to this MyGlue account. Verify this Group has the correct Organization Access.


4. Check the Grant Access to IT Glue Data checkbox.



5. Under the Deny Asset Type Access heading, uncheck all Core and Flexible Assets.




6. Navigate to Account > MyGlue then click + New.



7. Enter the client’s name for this new MyGlue account then click Save.



8. Choose the the existing IT Glue Organizations you’d like to assign to this MyGlue account then click Save.




9. Create a Group for this MyGlue account:


10. Click Next to invite all existing contacts with email addresses from the client organizations            you selected above.


11. On the Create Users screen, change the role from Creator to Editor then click Save.




If you'd like to provide this client with the ability to manage their passwords, please view Scenario 1: MyGlue Client Password Management

If you'd like to provide this client with the added benefit of not only managing their passwords, but also custom assets, please view Scenario 2: Password and Custom Asset Management


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