Create a basic checklist

We now have a new feature available in IT Glue. Checklists have been developed as part of ongoing enhancements to your IT Glue experience while giving you more strategic planning tools.

Checklists let you put tasks in order so you can accomplish the most important things first and  will keep you focused and on-track.

Checklists make it easy to delegate tasks to the right person.  You can even share your list with them so they can register their task as completed when done. 

Build your checklist

Follow these steps below to build a basic checklist. 

1. Log into your IT Glue account and navigate to Organizations and select the organization you want to build a checklist for.



2. On the side bar select Checklists under Core Assets.




3. Select New.



4. Give your checklist a name and description. 


5. Add a task by clicking on the Add task command.


6. Enter the name and purpose of the task. 




7. Assign a due date and the task to someone. 




When you navigate back to the organization and select Checklists, the one you have created is visible.


You can easily see what tasks have been assigned to you by selecting the My Tasks option at the top of the page.




If you're in a Checklist Description, or a Task Description,you can start a search by using the "@" symbol and then typing my search. Doing so will display a search dropdown of resulting assets.




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