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You can use the IT Glue Mobile App to view passwords in your IT Glue account. This will allow you to see all your passwords when on the go, without the need for a workstation.  

Select Organization

Tapping the name of an organization from the home screen or from search results takes you to a screen where you can choose the option to view a complete listing of all passwords you have access to for that one organization.

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We only show basic information so that you can quickly scroll through the list to find the password you want. If there are a lot of results to scroll through and you know what you are looking for, you can also use the search bar to find a specific password.


Search works the same as it does when you are searching from in IT Glue.

As you start typing search terms into the search bar, results begin to instantly appear below it. The maximum number of results is 15.

The first results are associated with Name fields, followed by results for other fields. Search shows results containing any of your keywords, but first to display are exact matches of the full term, as if you had put quotation marks around the words.

Tips for searching in the mobile app:

  • To find a password, enter specific keywords used in the Description (name), Username, Category, or Notes field of a password. 
  • When you open an organization, your search mode automatically changes from a global search to an organization only search. Only passwords that belong to the organization and match your search terms will appear in the results.

Searches from within an organization will search only that organization


Access passwords

Once you’ve located the password you’re looking for, tap on it to open up the passwords details screen. For each general password, you will be able to see the description (name) of the password, category, username, password, URL, notes, and the date the password was last changed. To copy the password to the clipboard, hold down on the dots. Tap the eye icon to reveal the password.


You will be able to see the associated asset, asset type, category, username, password, URL, notes, and the date the password was last changed.

Note you are not able to copy or view embedded passwords.

To edit any of the fields, tap Edit (upper-left corner), an editing view appears. The fields should be mostly self-explanatory and also familiar since they are the same fields that you see when you use IT Glue from a browser. 

If you need to delete a password, tap Delete (next to Edit).

Create a new password

At the bottom of the Passwords list view is a Create Password button. Tap on this to create a new password for that organization.

The options are as follows:

  • Description: Enter a descriptive name for the credentials, usually includes the name of the specific application you will be accessing with the credentials.
  • Category: Choose a password category from your IT Glue account. 


  • Username: Type or tap to paste the username.
  • Password: Type or tap to paste the password.


  • URL: Type or tap to paste the full website address.

    Be sure to include http(s):// or www at the beginning of the URL. Otherwise, the link will not be clickable. For example, is incorrect; or is correct.


  • Notes: Enter notes about the password, if needed. 

After you fill in the fields, tap the Save button to create the password. The list view will now be updated to reflect the password you just created.

Keep in mind that the mobile app does not have the permissions feature implemented currently. Any passwords created from within the mobile app can be accessed by anyone in IT Glue with access to the organization the password is created in. Please use the web app to change the permissions.

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